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Blue Nile Health Insurance Receives Its Share of Free Treatment

The Blue Nile Health Insurance received today from medical supplies a share of grants and free treatment.

This comes within the framework of joint efforts between the National Health Insurance Fund and the National Medical Supplies Fund aimed at providing medical services and medicines to the regions and states.

Dr. Thuraya Abbas, Director of Health Services at the Region’s Branch, explained in a statement to (SUNA) that the medicines were represented in free malaria treatment, intravenous solutions and consumables for the Diabetes Center next to (Quartem) in good quantities that would contribute to alleviating the suffering of citizens in receiving treatment services at direct health insurance centers.

Dr. Thuraya expressed her appreciation to the health partners and their continuous endeavor to localize services.

For his part, Dr. Saddam Al-Montaser, Director of the National Fund for Medical Supplies in the region, stressed the continuity of cooperation, coordination and integration of roles and communication between the two funds to serve the citizens of the region.

Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Awad, Director of Health Insurance in the region, praised the quota and described it as a step within the framework of the Fund’s endeavor to provide medicine to the targeted people and alleviate the suffering of the citizens of the region.

He pointed out that the Fund seeks to solve the debt crisis through the efforts of the joint committee with the Zakat Bureau to reflect on health insurance services due to the war and the repercussions of events with the estimated effort of all relevant parties.

He praised the keenness of the Zakat Bureau and its full interest in solving the crisis and giving it priority to solving the problem of health insurance debts, believing in the health insurance mission towards society.

Source: Gulf 365