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Trends Exhibition for Fine Art in “Through Gallery”. Wartime “Point of Light”

The activities of the “Directions” exhibition were organized in the city of Port Sudan in the Red Sea State – eastern Sudan, at the Badr Hotel, amid a qualitative presence and a good turnout from the interested public.

The exhibition aims to demonstrate that the artist is able to produce and exploit his work and mission for the benefit of people and social responsibility.

The event documents the salary to reflect the effects of displacement in various arts such as sculpture, calligraphy, paintings, ceramics, leather and handicrafts. The organizers held workshops and courses with artists in Port Sudan to expand the number of participants and develop their skills.

The war between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces for the seventh month, human and material losses and continuous displacement led to the suspension of most cultural and creative activities in most states, except for some activities here and there.

The city of Wad Madani in Gezira state preceded Port Sudan by calling for the first book fair last September, after the suspension due to the war, and such exhibitions represent a point of light in the time of war that ravaged the lives of Sudanese.

Qualitative addition

The director of the “During the Gallery” exhibition and its owner, Muhammad Mutasim, told Al-Change, that the project began in 2017 and was limited at that time to displaying the paintings of plastic artists.

The displacement and influx of artists in the states was a qualitative addition to the exhibition to represent a headquarters for the displaced plastic artists, he said.

He added: “The idea of establishing a fixed monthly group exhibition with social roles emerged with affordable prices for paintings, and we implemented six exhibitions that found good attendance.

He continued: “The artist is an ambassador and has a strong voice that conveys an image of what he saw to change society, reject the idea of war, call for peace and love, and against displacement and displacement, while giving space to the artist to express what he sees from the state of the country.”

The idea of the exhibition started with five artists from the Khalal group and the aim from the beginning was to attract the largest number of artists to participate in the monthly exhibition.

The event is based on presenting the experiences of artists to the community of Port Sudan and contributing to the promotion of public taste. Thought has recently expanded to include multiple trends that reflect the diversity and richness of Sudan.

Other dimensions

For his part, artist Al-Rasheed Awad said that holding such events is very important in time of war.

He told Al-Thaqir that the exhibition has other dimensions, considering that art can address society and speak its language and is concerned with spatial and temporal perceptions – as he put it.

He added: “Art is above all a message, in addition to the aesthetic aspects of exhibitions and the cultural impact resulting from such events and activities that enrich the conscience.

Source: Al-Taghyeer