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Professional Group Accuses Sudanese Army of Killing Engineer Under Torture

The Association of Oil Sector Workers – Independent Professional announced the death of an engineer working in the Heglig field in West Kordofan State – western Sudan, as a result of torture at the hands of Sudanese army intelligence.

The gathering said in a press statement, on Monday: «moved to the mercy of God colleague in the field Heglig engineer assistant Mohammed garrison of the armed forces Heglig as a result of being subjected to excessive torture by army intelligence until he passed away we ask God for his mercy and forgiveness».

The statement of the gathering indicated that the deceased engineer graduated from the College of Petroleum, Sudan University, batch 13, and worked at the college as a cooperating professor before joining 2B as a production engineer.

He added, “He was known for his good and the tolerance of creation, and we count him as a martyr with God Almighty, and we ask God, who does not lose his rights, to take revenge on those who killed him unjustly and unjustly.”

While the army did not comment on the incident, Change was not able to obtain comment from its spokesman.

Workers in the oil fields – even before the outbreak of the April 15 war – suffered from the deterioration of security, especially in the fields of Heglig and Balila in West Kordofan, and repeated attacks on workers in a worrying manner, so that the gathering of workers in the oil sector described – earlier this year – the lawlessness in the fields as having become outside the control of the state, which they accused of feeding it for political purposes far from the interest of the citizen and the preservation of his resources and capabilities.

After the outbreak of war between the army and the Rapid Support last April, workers in the oil fields were subjected to a number of violations and attacks, the latest of which was the arrest of the Rapid Support Forces «3» engineers from the Balila field after storming the site last days, during the evacuation of workers to the field on the way out of Al-Foula to the city of Al-Obeid.

Clashes between the army and the RSF caused damage to Balila airport and surrounding areas.

Source: Al-Taghyeer