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The Situation of a People Under War

Our history is a history of continuous national wars, among the years of independence that are approaching seventy, the trumpets of wars, drums, bullets, pains, tragedies and repercussions did not subside except for a short truce of only ten years, during what was known as the Addis Ababa Agreement 1972-1983, which ended a national war staged by the southern districts previously, that war had erupted its first spark before the declaration of the country’s independence; January 1956 AD about 4 months. After that, the wars did not stop completely and throughout the country until today, and the issue is not innumerable and millions of Sudanese live in it and lived their whole life from the death of God and did not congratulate sustainable peace from Halfa to Kauda and from Port Sudan to El Geneina.

It is simply possible to describe the situation of the Sudanese since 1956 until the date of the day when we read this word as the conditions of a people who lived their past and live their present in the midst of continuous internal wars, there are multiple dates of outbreak, and the times of extinguishing are delayed, geography is distributed and the land area occupied by conflict, armed conflict and war expands, the reasons seem similar to the extent of identical, the payments provided by armed political organizations that engage in wars, As if it were a copy (Photo Copy) of those, the permanent party present in the face of these armed movements by many Sudanese groups and parties is the Sudanese army, which trained all the years of independence on the wars inside Sudan, promoted officers and won the highest medals for their valor in these wars, died hundreds of thousands of those who practiced soldier, killed by Sudanese hands like those who were killed from regret. Since the day of independence, the national state has been directing its violence, repression, budgets, crowds, media, propaganda discourse and political programs towards the circular issue (internal wars), for once guns were directed at external (Ethiopian) armed groups; this happened during the short transitional period in which Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk headed the Council of Ministers 2019_2021 AD, and there was a threat and a drag of the army without engaging in confrontation during the presidency of Mohamed Ahmed Al-Mahjoub of the Council of Ministers elected in the sixties of the last century for a very short period, The destination was the warning is the Egyptian army, other than that and along the army’s stay in power and governance, all its wars were against the Sudanese (rebels) sustainable, so that the character of the rebel no longer carries any connotations, I have faded from the large number of what has been Lockha and lip bandage out!!

Every period we repeat the phrase that has also become faint, (our country is going through a critical stage) and its synonyms, a crossroads, an existential threat, the edge of the abyss, a dangerous, unprecedented stage… etc., and every time the jar (Tnrm) has become (Mshtam) of the multiplicity of terms, and our state has not yet reached its description, is it the state of some or everyone? Is it the state of innocence, establishing religion and leading people to heaven or bliss (behind the grave), or is it the state of Hemedti? We frankly need to implement a dry mind that leaves no room for emotion because emotions are what drove us all these decades, we fall into an abyss that Islam is said to be the way out, we dive into the mud more and it is said that socialism and nationalization are the healing serum, but liberalism, and even and even and even and even and negotiation is better than (the bell)!

A nation that every time turns in the arms of the generals, this is very good and the other is in his soul but his lining up, and the other is Mawlana Adiel and his disciples are companions but but but, and the last is an ascetic and fulfills the dream of his father, and the one who is a fool What are we doing with artificial intelligence, cities grow and the capital is covered by the waves of displaced people and those fleeing the war in the regions, they forced us, raped us, and destroyed us and made us ignorant, and the city center complains of crowds and its outskirts of the lack of security, And the people are getting crushed, bank accounts are swollen from public rents, commissions, speculation and the dollar, and buildings butt clouds while blood flows knees in some parts of the great Sudan!! These are people and those are also the people of Sudan, but the feeling is different.

The current war between the two generals of the coup, is an inevitable result of the stupid nature of the state, in my opinion crossing this state to build a new state is what achieves peace, stability, development and prosperity. etc., let’s cross the war beyond it, it is a result and not a cause, all the wounds go away except those in the soul, and tomorrow hopefully Sudan will be born real and sustainable peace, this is the summary of the crown of many wars, it has hit the center itself, there is no longer a hose now.

Source: Al-Taghyeer