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The Solution Is in the Slogans of the Revolution

When the glorious December revolution broke out, its roaring flood would achieve in a short time all the demands and goals it calls for, but the military stood on its way by force of arms, killed its young people, raped its daughters and sowed heartbreak in the hearts of mothers, and stood against the achievement of justice and retribution and against its civilian government for their own interests and their attachment to the seat of power, and despite that, the young people themselves and their blood made a price so that its flame would not die.

But what is the divine wisdom and divine providence that makes the demands called for by the glorious December revolution in its slogans and the military, remnants and other mask-holders in its ranks tried to make impossible now in the negotiating room?

The revolution first slogan is freedom, peace and justice, and this is achieved by the item of the return of democracy and civilian
rule, and the revolution raised the slogan (the military for barracks and the Janjaweed dissolves) and now my delegation is sitting negotiating for the return of the army to its barracks and to integrate the Rapid Support Forces.

The revolution (i.e. Koz Ndoso Dos) and now demands the Jeddah paper for the trial of Islamic leaders, the return of the convicts to prisons, and the return of the civil means the disappearance of the features of the Kizani state forever.

And (Burhan your barracks is the first militia under the control of the state) a clear warning that was premature for the expansion of the Rapid Support Forces and the embodiment of the mistake that was committed by the army commander, which contributed to the expansion of these forces until confronting them now is the danger that threatens the homeland, the citizen and the proof himself, so what does the army delegation say now on the table: (The armed forces are the institution entrusted with protecting the homeland and there is no militia under the control of a state)!!

The most slogans that mock the army leaders and their remnants and Janjaweed are (blood is the intention of blood Mabnbefore his father) they see that death among their leaders and forces and in the vicinity of the leadership is something that will not be achieved for these delusional dreamers and that Nabil Adib is the only one who prevents them and retribution, but the justice of heaven made everything possible, what they did to young people in the vicinity of the leadership fell on them twice times and was larger size.

Finally (the people are a stronger people and apostasy is impossible) this apostasy for which they ignited the war and killed millions and burned the country because of it now they woke up from their nap on the piles of debris to realize honestly that it is impossible.

Source: Al-Taghyeer