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Senegal: Polarized Public Opinion in Sonko Case

Senegal’s Supreme Court on Friday overturned a judgment by the Ziguinchor court that had put detained political opponent Ousmane Sonko back in the 2024 presidential race, last month ruling that the case should be retried by the Dakar court. Public opinion is divided, with some calling for him to be allowed to run, and others supporting the court’s decision.

“Ousmane Sonko has to take part in the election. He has to be allowed to participate. What are they afraid of on the other side? The election must be transparent, with everyone taking part. That’s what I’m asking President Macky Sall to do. Otherwise, it will cost them dearly,” said Mr. Pa Ahmed Ndiaye, Senegalese citizen, residing in Dakar.

“We have to trust the judges. We’re not judges. It’s up to them to decide, and we have to respect their decisions. But everything has to be done in the public interest,” added Mamadou Aliou Baldé, another Dakar resident. 

The 49-year-old mayor of Ziguinchor was convicted in absentia in June for moral corruption of a young person and sentenced to two years in prison. Sonko and his lawyers have denounced the trial as a plot to exclude him from the election.

In late July, he was arrested on other charges including fomenting insurrection, criminally associating with a terrorist body and endangering state security. The supreme court is yet to announce a date for his retrial.

Source: Africa News