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The Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Exchange Claims of Control in Jebel Awliya

The Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Militia exchanged claims about the control of the Nujumi base in the Jebel Awliya area of the capital, Khartoum, while the RSF confirmed its presence inside the base, the army announced that it had repelled a new attack and defeated the militia.

The two sides have been engaged in fierce battles in the capital, Khartoum, and other cities, since April 15, in a struggle to seize power by military force, which has led to the death of thousands of civilians and military and the death of tens of thousands of wounded, as well as the loss of more than 7 million shelter.

The battles over the past four days have been concentrated in the Jabal Awliya area, south of Khartoum, and around the Nujumi air base, and the army announced that it had repelled three consecutive attacks on the base.

On Wednesday, the official account of the Rapid Support on the X platform (formerly Twitter) published videos showing its forces inside the headquarters of the Nujumi base, talking about the battle for control of Jabal Awliya, and threatening to set out to liberate the country “from the Burhan and Al-Kaizan militia” – according to the clips.

Accounts supporting the Rapid Support also published news, photos and videos confirming that they were able to defeat the army in Jebel Awliya and take control of the area.

However, army spokesman Nabil Abdullah denied in a video statement the validity of this information, and said that the “rebel militia” tried to attack the army in Jabal Awliya, but it was expelled and inflicted heavy losses in personnel and equipment and destroyed a number of combat vehicles equipped with various types of weapons and a number of light armored vehicles.

Nabil stressed that the army will continue operations in various areas and deal with the enemy, and continue to carry out its duty and combat actions until victory is achieved.

Al-Nujumi Air Base in the Jebel Awliya area is one of the four most important air bases in Sudan, and controlling the area is an important strategic gain because it is an important entrance to Khartoum from the southern side.

For the past few days, the RSF has been talking about taking control of Jabal Awliya, but the army confirms daily that it has been defeated.

Source: Al-Taghyeer