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Nigerian Woman Sets Guinness World Record for Longest Hand-made Wig

In a remarkable feat of creativity and determination, Helen Williams, a skilled wigmaker from Nigeria, has secured her place in the Guinness World Records for crafting the longest hand-made wig, measuring an astounding 351.28 meters (1,152 feet 5 inches).

Over 11 days and an investment of two million naira (£2,000: $2,500), Williams utilized 1,000 bundles of hair, 12 cans of hair spray, 35 tubes of hair glue, and 6,250 hair clips to bring her vision to life. Reflecting on her achievement, Williams expressed her disbelief, stating, “This is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

Despite being an experienced wigmaker for eight years, Williams admitted that the process was far from easy, acknowledging the physical exhaustion she felt. Determination, however, fuelled her as she received encouragement from friends and family. “I did not want to let them down, so I maintained my focus. The outcome is the longest hand-made wig in the world,” she remarked.

The logistical challenge of measuring the extensive wig presented itself after completion. Williams chose a unique location, laying out her creation on a highway connecting the cities of Lagos and Abeokuta on 7 July.

This unconventional setting added an extra layer of complexity to an already extraordinary accomplishment.

Guinness World Records officially recognized Williams’ achievement on Tuesday, solidifying her place in history. To share her remarkable creation with the public, she has displayed the record-setting wig in her office, inviting people to witness her dedication and skill.

This achievement adds to a series of noteworthy records set in Nigeria, with earlier headlines featuring Hilda Baci’s non-stop cooking record. However, the recent record-breaking streak faced a twist when Irishman Alan Fisher unseated Baci a few weeks ago.

Source: Africa News