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Demand Gathering Launches an Appeal to the Sudanese and Saudi Authorities Regarding the Documentation of Documents

The Gathering of Demand Bodies (TAM) launched an urgent appeal to the Sudanese and Saudi authorities to solve the problem of documenting certificates for students and graduates, which was suspended due to the war.

The April 15 war between the army and the RSF disrupted many diplomatic, academic, economic and other activities.

The gathering said in a statement on Tuesday that many of the sons and daughters of Sudan are suffering, and miss opportunities to work in Saudi Arabia, and scholarships that they have met according to their academic qualifications, due to their inability to document the certificates necessary to complete the procedures for applying for study opportunities in Saudi universities or obtaining work, at a time when Sudan is going through very critical circumstances.

He added that the Saudi embassy in Khartoum is no longer operating normally, and documentation-related services at the Saudi representation have been suspended due to the war.

Despite repeated attempts and appeals from affected graduates and undergraduate and graduate students, this problem has not yet been resolved, he said.

Not enough efforts have been made by the Sudanese diplomatic mission accredited to Saudi Arabia, he said, “knowing that most of the documents related to these slides are documented and stamped by the Sudanese ministries of higher education and foreign affairs”.

The gathering said that the inability to obtain job opportunities according to academic qualification affects the ability of graduates to earn a living and fulfill obligations to families during the state of war.

He pointed out that the suffering of a large number of holders of university and higher degrees and those with practical experience, the Saudi labor market provides the advantage of benefiting from these experiences in various scientific and practical fields.

The gathering appealed to the Ministry of Higher Education and the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Sudanese Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the relevant Saudi authorities (Foreign Affairs, Education and Labor) to work to resolve this issue, which poses great pressure on Sudanese graduates and students, and the families to which they belong.

He also appealed to all relevant parties to take into account the exceptional circumstances of the people of the Sudan.

Source: Al-Taghyeer