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Lafarge Africa Pioneers Green Mobility in Africa

Lafarge Africa Plc, has announced a significant milestone in its sustainability journey with the launch of an Electric Vehicle (EV) truck into its supply chain fleet.

Speaking at the launch of the EV Truck at the company’s Ewekoro factory, GMD/CEO, Lafarge Africa Plc, Lolu Alade-Akinyemi said, “today, as we gather here, we mark yet another significant milestone in our sustainability journey. We are proud to announce the launch of the first-ever Heavy Goods Electric Vehicle (EV) truck in Nigeria, an achievement that not only highlights our commitment to innovation but also solidifies our position as pioneers in the pursuit of environmentally responsible practices within our industry.”

Also, the Logistics director, Lafarge Africa, Osaze Aghatise added, “the introduction of the EV Truck signifies an important achievement in our logistics strategy, signalling our transition to more eco-friendly and sustainable transportation practices.

Reflecting on the journey thus far, Aghatise noted that Lafarge Africa has made remarkable strides, saying “in 2017, we took the first step by introducing five Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks into our fleet, marking the inception of our sustainability initiative. Building upon this success, we amplified our efforts in 2021 by integrating an additional 50 CNG trucks into our operations, signalling our steadfast commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.”

Procurement director, Lafarge Africa, Saeed Ande said, “for us sustainability is a way of life. From a procurement standpoint, this project delivers value to our multiple stakeholders and efficiency for the end user which then translates to a positive impact on the bottom line.”

Schneider Drives Electrical Safety With Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

 Global leader in electrical and digital solutions, Schneider Electric reinforced its commitment to enhance Nigeria’s energy sector with authentic and sustainable high-quality products, with a new Anti-Counterfeit Campaign.

According to the company, the campaign aims to increase consumers’ confidence in the integrity, dependability, and safety of Schneider electric products through quality control procedures and tools to ensure a consistent standard of excellence.

Amidst the recent challenges in the fuel supply, Schneider Electric’s energy solutions have proven to be authentic, efficient, and sustainable. These solutions are built on a foundation of authenticity, a principle that Nurudeen Oyedeji,

According to the channel’s sales director, Schneider Electric, Nurudeen Oyedeji, “Authenticity is non-negotiable for Schneider Electric. We firmly believe that sub-standard products not only compromise performance but, more critically, they jeopardise safety. With Schneider Electric original products, our clients can have unwavering confidence in the reliability and safety of our solutions.

‘‘Sub-standard products pose a myriad of dangers, ranging from electrical failures to devastating fires. These can result in power disruptions, equipment damage, and, in the worst-case scenarios, even pose threats to lives. Schneider Electric fully comprehends the pressing need to offer authentic, high-quality solutions to avoid these potential risks.’’

Also, Nurudeen Oyedeji speaks on the measures implemented to ensure authenticity, “The Anti-Counterfeit Campaign ‘s comprehensive strategy includes stringent quality control procedures, tools for product authentication, extensive public awareness campaigns, management, development of new, and existing relationships with suppliers and distributors,”he said.

Omobolanle Omotayo, Marketing Communications Manager, Schneider Electric adds, “Schneider Electric maintains stringent quality control standards throughout the product lifecycle, from design to distribution, and further ensures their authenticity by collaborating with reputable organisations such as the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA).”

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