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Elham Shahin in an Interview: Wait for Me in “All Love” … I’m Not Afraid to Appear Without Makeup.

A state of artistic activity experienced by the artist Elham Shaheen, who returns to the cinema through new works, and her role within the latest story of Alfredo won the admiration of viewers, the echo of the country met her, to reveal to us the scenes of these works, and her upcoming artistic projects.

At first I asked her. You live a state of cinematic activity in conjunction with the success of Alfredo’s story, what about the details of the films you contracted for?

I have already contracted on two works officially so far, the first is the film Vito, which is directed by Yasser Sami and co-starring artist Rania Youssef, and I am currently continuing to prepare for another film entitled All Love, and the rest of the heroes are nominated for me in the championship work and cooperate with director Khaled Al-Hajar.

I return with you to your latest work, which is the story of Alfredo, which won the admiration of viewers, how were the reactions to you?

The reactions that I receive so far have made me very happy, and for the first time there is a consensus on a role that I presented, whether from people who love me or people who do not agree with my positions or opinions, I found a state of consensus on the role I played in the series, and in fact it is one of the most works that came to me about reactions, in the first days of the job offer, I could not sleep The reason for my response to people who know me personally and congratulate me On the role, and my fellow artists were all keen to congratulate me, and I thank them through this meeting for their words and praises that raised my morale.

You are one of the few artists who do not appear without makeup in their artworks, but you appeared without makeup in the story of Alfredo, did you not hesitate?

Absolutely, and this is not the first time that I appear without makeup in a work of art, I used in the story of Alfredo everything that can give me a “deficit” in this role, and this matter was appropriate for the character, I myself suggested this form of the character after reading it, and I was helped in that stylist for the work of my sister Inas Shaheen.

Have you met people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease before you portrayed the character of “Soso” in the work events?

I actually sat with people with Alzheimer’s disease already, but not just before work, and I can’t reveal their identity, but they served as a stock for me during the presentation of that character, as well as the script and the actor’s imagination.

After a long career and the many characters you presented on the screen, is it difficult to agree to a new script?

Without a doubt, choosing my artwork now has not become easy, because I am looking for an artistic role that I have not presented before, which was achieved in Alfredo, who has not been presented before by any colleague on the screen before that, I have presented most types of roles, and it has become difficult to find a role that I have not presented before, I do not like to repeat myself, and this is what makes me stay away for long periods, because what is offered to me is similar to a role that I have already presented, even if It was good.

Source: Gulf 365