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Sudan: Saudi grant targets 65,000 families in North Kordofan state

The Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid in North Kordofan State, Tariq Amin Abu Al-Bishr, revealed the allocation of (48) thousand sacks of wheat flour to the state out of a total of (435.96) thousand mobiles is a Saudi grant provided by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center.

Abu al-Bishr told the Sudanese News Agency that the grant targets more than 65,000 war-affected families in North Kordofan state, which were divided according to the concerned authorities represented by social welfare, the Red Crescent Society and the International Organization for Migration.

This is divided into 5 categories, including refugees and IDPs before and after the war in two categories, who are inside shelter camps or with families, in addition to the groups hosting expatriates.

The commissioner pointed out that the most war-affected localities in the state in order are the locality of Shikan with (19) thousand families, then the locality of um Rawaba (17) thousand families.

Al-Rahad locality (9.255) families, um Dam locality (6.800) thousand families, Bara locality (5) thousand families, West Bara locality (4.85) thousand families, Jabra al-Sheikh locality (2.894) thousand families, and Sodri locality (1.778).

The commissioner explained that the statistics in the light of which the Saudi grant arrived was in August before last, two months ago, and there are developments that the number of people affected by the war in the state has risen to (95) thousand families until this November.

Source: Al-Taghyeer