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Khartoum North Emergency Room: The City Is Exposed to “Systematic Destruction”

The Khartoum North Emergency Room said the city was being subjected to what it described as “systematic destruction”, while accusing the parties to the conflict of lacking the political will to end the suffering of civilians.

According to a statement issued by the chamber’s media on Saturday, what took place after the Jeddah negotiations, in which the fighting parties in Sudan engaged, and at the end of which they affirmed their commitment to open humanitarian paths for the delivery of aid to those affected, their actions on the ground were the opposite.

The statement added: “The entire Sudanese people and those trapped in conflict areas in particular welcomed the Jeddah negotiations and their final declaration, despite the fact that the parties did not agree on a definitive ceasefire. However, the continued bombardment, fighting and destruction of the country and infrastructure confirms their lack of seriousness and the lack of political will or will to alleviate the suffering of citizens.”

Safe Pathways

He pointed out that volunteer teams and local and international organizations working in the field of relief are looking for safe roads or paths while the infrastructure is bombed and demolished, as happened to the Shambat Bridge linking the cities of Omdurman and Khartoum North.

The statement continued: “We in the Bahri emergency room, as we look at the outputs of the last round of proof of goodwill from the Jeddah negotiations, we look at them as serious initial steps that will end the tragedy in our country if there is political will on both sides.”

The Khartoum Bahri Emergency Room welcomed the efforts that would achieve peace throughout the country, and stressed the lack of seriousness of the two parties and their treatment of the negotiation process as political and diplomatic cards isolated from the lives of citizens in light of this war.

Besides the lack of sufficient pressure from the international community to hold them accountable for their actions, it only contributes to prolonging the war and suffering.

She added in her statement: “What happened today from the fierce battle between the two parties has led to unfortunate results and portends a lot and frightening for the general public.”

Destruction of Shambat Bridge

She cited the destruction of the Shambat Bridge linking Khartoum North and Omdurman, as well as “killing, abuse and looting that are increasingly being carried out day by day and the destruction of infrastructure in the capital, Khartoum”, which she said was gradually turning Khartoum into a ghost town.

The Khartoum North Emergency Room reminded all parties of the suffering of the people under siege in the city of Bahri, and the siege imposed on the Al-Fitihab area in Omdurman, which resulted in deaths due to hunger and thirst.

In addition to the siege on Tuti Island and various areas of Khartoum, which she said should end now.

“The continued crimes against our people in West Darfur are a stain on humanity. The sovereignty of this homeland is in preserving the safety, dignity and fundamental rights of its people, and this war is now against the Sudanese and their homeland, and not between just two warring factions.

Source: Al-Taghyeer