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South Sudan Denies Coup Attempt

South Sudan’s army and police have denied reports of a coup attempt, despite the heavy deployment of security forces in and around the capital, Juba, on Friday evening.

The deployment caused panic among residents and restricted movement in some areas. Social media reports suggested that a section of the military and the national security services were planning to overthrow President Salva Kiir.

However, South Sudan police spokesman Major General Daniel Justin dismissed the reports, saying that the deployment of forces was part of normal patrols to maintain order.

“There is nothing to worry about. The general security situation in and around Juba and the whole country is normal,” Justin said.

He called on the public to go about their normal activities and said that the resumption of traffic in all areas of Juba on Saturday was a sign that the situation was calm.

South Sudan People’s Defence Forces spokesman Major General Lul Ruai Koang also downplayed the reports of tension, saying that the general security situation was normal.

“I am not aware of any unusual deployment of security forces,” Koang said.

He said that security forces were on regular patrol to beef up and reinforce general security and maintain order as part of routine activities.

Observers and security analysts have attributed the deployment of security forces to a number of factors, including division and tension within the security forces, President Kiir’s desire to evaluate the loyalty of heads of security organs, and Kiir’s tendency to receive security reports in an unstructured way.

Despite the denials from the army and police, the heavy deployment of security forces has raised concerns about the stability of South Sudan. The country has a long history of conflict and violence, and any coup attempt could lead to further instability.

Source: Sudan Tribune