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19 People Were Killed and Injured in a Traffic Accident in a Sudanese State

The traffic accident occurred on the national road Sennar sector ‘Mayrno’ between a tourist bus belonging to the Abadi company on the way from Damazin to the city of Rabak and a passenger bus coming from Sennar to the um Shawka area from south to north near the area of Taiba Al-Lahwain, which is about 9 kilometers south of Sennar, where the bus deviated from its course from the opposite direction from the north to hit the bus, which resulted in the death of 13 people from the bus passengers and the injury of 4 others, While 6 of the passengers of the tourist bus, including the driver.

According to the press office of the police, the rapid traffic police Sennar sector Mayrno and immediately after receiving the report moved patrol sector Mayernu and was ambulance injured and transfer the bodies to hospital and morgue Sennar and extract the order of autopsy of the bodies of the deceased and Aranic 8 criminal for the injured in the presence of the Supreme Prosecutor in the locality of Sennar and open the way for traffic.

For his part, the governor of Sennar state, the director of the state police, the director of the Sennar local police, the executive director of the Sennar locality and the rapid traffic officers stood on the legal procedures, while the causes of the accident are due to negligence driving.

Source: Al-Taghyeer