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A Reading of Sudanese Music and the Aesthetics of the Five-Way Ladder at the House of Arab Singing

The House of Singing hosts the Sudanese musician Dr. Kamal Youssef, leader of the Tabr Musical Ensemble, speaking about “The Aesthetics of the Quintet Ladder… Reading Sudanese Music”.

The salon offers a reading of the history of the pentathlon scale, which characterized Nubian and Sudanese music, and was relied upon by the people’s musician Sayed Darwish in many of his melodies.

Sudanese musician Kamal Youssef talks about the types of pentathlon scale, its uses, the difference between the pentathlon scale in Sudan and in other countries.

The talk includes the use of traditional Arab maqams in Sudan, the most prominent Sudanese artistic figures who came out with the five-year ladder of the world.

A number of members of the Tabr Eight Orchestra will present some diverse musical compositions that show the beauty of Sudanese music and its distinctive characteristics.

Maqamat Salon is the idea of the late artist Mohsen Farouk, the Arabic music solitary at the Opera House, and the founder of the Arab House of Oud.

It is organized by the Cultural Development Fund, headed by Dr. Walid Qanoush, within the protocol of cooperation with the Egyptian Radio, headed by the radio broadcaster Mohamed Nawar, and prepared and moderated by the music critic Dr. Enas Galal El-Din, Director General of Music and Singing at the radio.

The concept of modernity
Speaking to the change, musician Dr. Kamal Youssef revealed that their participation sheds light on Sudanese music and defines the concept of modernity in question in the title.

The founder of the Tabr Troupe added: “We present an explanation of the concept of quintet maqams with musical samples from my own compositions accompanied by a band of eight musicians from the members of the Tabr Orchestra who are now in Cairo.

Words in “Sima”
On the other hand, the Hanager Cinema in the Opera Square – affiliated to the Cultural Development Fund sector – will host at 7 pm on Thursday (November 9), the salon “Kalam Valsima” directed by Ashraf Fayek.

The salon will be held this month under the title “Dr. Mohsen Ahmed and the impact of his image in his films.”

The activities of the salon take place at seven in the evening on Thursday, November 16, at the Freedom Center for Creativity in Alexandria.

It is noteworthy that the salon “Kalam Valsima” is held monthly on the second Thursday at the Hanager Cinema, and the third Thursday at the Freedom Center for Creativity in Alexandria.

Source: Al-Taghyeer