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Minawi’s Field Commander Slain in Suspected RSF Ambush in North Darfur

A field commander from the Sudan Liberation Movement-Minni Minawi (SLM-MM) was killed, and two other group members sustained injuries in an apparent ambush west of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state. The attack is believed to have been executed by a faction associated with the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

Minni Arko Minawi, the Darfur region’s governor and the leader of the SLM-MM, directly accused RSF militants of orchestrating the assassination.

“In deep sorrow, today, I bid farewell to the brave Comrade Babikir Musa, who sacrificed his life while defending the residents of Shaqra village, west of El Fasher, against threats from RSF members. The comrade made every effort to repel the assailants and protect civilians but paid the ultimate price. May the hero rest in peace,” Minawi expressed in a message on the X platform.

Following Al-Burhan’s arrival at the end of last August, Minawi relocated to Port Sudan in eastern Sudan.

Tensions have been rising in El Fasher and its neighbouring villages due to the presence of RSF and allied militias, who are reportedly preparing to target the 6th Infantry Division of the Sudanese army in North Darfur State’s capital.

Many civilians have fled El Fasher, which had already been home to thousands of displaced people who sought refuge after the conflict between the Sudanese army and paramilitary forces erupted nearly seven months ago. The town also harbours internally displaced persons (IDPs) who fled the fighting that erupted between the army and former rebel groups in 2003.

According to a source within the SLM/MM, “An armed group wearing RSF uniforms ambushed an SLM-MM patrol in Shaqra, located 10 kilometres west of El Fasher. The attackers killed Major Babakir Musa, and two of his comrades were injured.”

The source added that the attackers fled to an unknown location, while a substantial SLM-MM force stationed in the Zamzam displacement camp was in pursuit of the assailants.

Concerns are mounting that this incident may trigger violent clashes between Darfur’s armed groups and RSF elements.

Since the outbreak of the conflict, the armed groups who signed the Juba Peace Agreement have declared their neutrality and refrained from taking sides. The SLM-MM, the Justice and Equality Movement led by Gibril Ibrahim, the Gathering of Sudan Liberation Forces headed by Al-Tahir Hajer, and the SLM-Transitional Council under Al-Hadi Idris have established a joint force to protect civilians. This force also provides security for commercial and relief convoys heading to Darfur cities.

Recently, the joint force vehemently rejected the military escalation in El Fasher and issued a warning to confront any armed group that targets civilians and loots markets.

Source: Sudan Tribune