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Army and RSF Accuse Each Other of a Huge Fire at the Khartoum Refinery

Sudan’s military and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) blamed each other over a huge fire that broke out in a part of the Khartoum oil refinery on Tuesday.

While the army said the fire was caused by the explosion of a fuel tanker belonging to the Rapid Support Forces, the latter accused the army of bombing the refinery.

Since the start of the war on April 15, the RSF has controlled the country’s main refinery, which is located north of the Sudanese capital.

The army spokesman said in a press circular: “A tank belonging to the militia exploded at the Khartoum refinery in Al-Jili, which it had entered to withdraw fuel without adhering to the standard safety procedures followed in such sensitive facilities, which led to a fire inside the companies department (Nile Company) and exposed the refinery, including it, to destruction.”

The army blamed the rapid support for what it described as the “devastating consequences” that could arise from this “barbaric act”, which could seriously endanger the lives of the residents of the area and the vital facility and lose the country’s most important national capabilities.

For his part, the spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces said: “Burhan’s militia and the arms of the former regime committed today, Tuesday, November 7, a heinous crime by bombing the warplanes of the Al-Jili oil refinery and destroying the main warehouses in a desperate step to destroy the remaining capabilities of the Sudanese people and infrastructure in the country.”

The RSF considered the bombing of the al-Jili refinery a “full-fledged war crime” added to what it described as “the criminal record of the remnants and shadow brigades”, which it said practiced the most heinous crimes and the worst violations against the people.

Source: Al-Taghyeer