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Russia Has Dealt Another Blow to Ukrainian Ports on the Danube

Russia launched a drone strike on Ukrainian ports on the Danube on Wednesday night. The port of Izmail received serious damage. Port and industrial infrastructure facilities were destroyed there, fires broke out. This was announced in a telegram by the head of the Odessa regional administration Oleg Kiper. There is no information about the victims.

Later, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine confirmed that the elevator, grain sheds, tanks of one of the cargo terminals, production, storage and administrative premises, as well as the building of the sea station were damaged as a result of the drone attack in Izmail. The department published photos of the destroyed objects.

The Operational Command “South” clarified that the kamikaze drones were fired from the Sea of ​​Azov and sent to the south of the Odessa region.

At the same time, Ukrainian air defense fought off a drone raid on Kyiv. The head of the Kiev administration, Sergei Popko , said that all air targets – more than 10 Shahed drones – were detected and destroyed. There are no serious damages and fires, there is no information about the victims, he added.

  • The Russian army has been attacking Odessa and the Odessa region almost every night since July 18, just after Russia announced it was pulling out of the grain deal. Several people were killed and injured. Ukrainian authorities believe that Moscow’s goal is to disrupt grain exports.
  • At the same time, Moscow calls its actions a response for the explosion on the Crimean bridge on the night of July 17. Then the couple died.

Source : Радио Свобода