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The Movement of “Wagnerites” to Belarus Has Not Yet Been Recorded – Naev

As of July 1, the movement of Wagner units to Belarus has not been recorded.

Source : Commander of the Joint Forces Lieutenant-General Serhiy Nayev in a comment to Ukrinform

Direct speech : “Currently, as of today, not a single Wagner unit has been noted on the territory of Belarus. But we are aware of the further development of the situation, and our intelligence agencies are working to obtain information about this. If this happens, the military command will know about it.”

Details : Naev added that in the event of the appearance of “Wagnerites” in Belarus, several scenarios of actions are being considered.

“In each of them, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take adequate countermeasures. Forces are now being trained to counteract possible manifestations,” Naev said.

He also noted that Ukrainian intelligence, Ukraine’s partners are closely monitoring the situation in Belarus, including the movement of nuclear weapons, as announced in Russia. Now, according to him, such movements have not been recorded.

What happened before : On July 1, the State Border Service announced that Belarus could deploy up to 8,000 Russian mercenaries of the Wagner PMC on its territory . The Defense Forces are aware of an additional potential threat and are in constant combat readiness.

Background :

  • The Russian publication “Nimage” reported that in Belarus  they began to build camps  to accommodate militants of PMC “Wagner” after agreements with Alexander Lukashenko, who negotiated with Yevgeny Prigozhin.
  • The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine  denied this information . The State Border Guard Service noted that intelligence is carefully monitoring the situation in the country, which is an accomplice of the aggressor state of the Russian Federation.
  • The self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on June 27 that  camps for the PMC “Wagner” are not being built in Belarus , but if necessary, “they will help with accommodation.”
  • At the same time, satellite images showed that in Belarus they did begin to equip  a field camp for Russian mercenaries .

Source : Українська Правда